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Consulting services

Our services help partners understand and resolve the major public policy challenges facing the world. Trailblazing research capabilities and a vast expert network underpin our work.

Policy research, analysis, and evaluation

Our network includes several hundred PhD-holding researchers with training in the social sciences, law, econometrics, and artificial intelligence.

Governments and the public sector use our cutting edge research methods to understand the impact of policy, or to evaluate the success of a pilot project.

The private sector uses our research to better understand the impact of legislation, elections, macro-economic trends, technology, and geopolitical events on firms and industries.

Monitoring, advice, and strategy

We track global events and trends in real time, and give partners the tools to devise policy and business strategies.

By interpreting events as they happen, we help governments with the big ideas and the vital details, informing important strategic decisions in policy-making.

Our experts help the private sector to meet the challenges of new legislation and a changing geopolitical landscape.

Policy management and delivery

We support the delivery of projects and policies through professional services, logistics, and management tools.

Our experts can support the delivery of government programmes, drawing on a wealth of experience in financial management, events, coordination, and stakeholder mobilisation.

Private sector firms can outsource their responses to new legislation or geopolitical events, where internal expertise is lacking.

Capacity building

A key part of our mission is to build in-house public policy capabilities among our partners, so that they can rise to the challenge of creating a better, more prosperous world.

We deliver briefing and skilling programmes for government staff, helping build expertise in key subjects and promoting a range of public policy capabilities.

We offer private sector briefings to promote public policy understanding and responsiveness among international firms and investors.

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