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Our mission

We are a public sector consulting firm on a mission to solve the world’s toughest public challenges, by harnessing the best possible expertise.
Our public sector strategists combine expertise in strategy, management, and operations with specific policy expertise across an array of policy areas.
We distill specialist expertise through a specialist network, helping leading partners in government and business shape the future.


Our teams conduct research, analysis, legislative monitoring, policy advice and strategy, policy delivery and management, and capacity building.


We support governments, public institutions, local authorities small and large firms, and NGOs across a range of sectors and industries worldwide.


Our team of fifty elite public policy professionals is supported by a wider network of 5,000 policy experts. All our experts are driven by passion and a commitment to delivering real impact for our partners.

What is different

Every policy challenge is different and calls for very specific expertise. We match partners with the expertise they really need, distilled from our in-house experts, and a vast network of over 5,000 public policy professionals. Our experts are supported by 89 Initiative, our in-house think tank, that provides cutting edge research and insights in real time.