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Consulting services

We help partners understand and deal with the major public challenges facing our world. Our work is supported by exceptional research capabilities and a vast network of experts.

Strategy and management

Our public sector strategists have expertise at the intersection of public policy and strategic planning. We generate policy and implementation strategies focused on delivering transformative public goods, based on the very best in-house research.

We help support strategic decision-making about the economy, the environment, and public services, by combining deep knowledge of government and international politics.

Responding to politics and global affairs is a key part of business strategy for the world’s largest firms. We help war game the effects on markets and supply chains, while helping firms align their strategies with global trends and with government missions.

Operations and capacity

Our teams are passionate about upgrading and transforming operations, enabling clients to address their challenges with confidence. We prioritise technological optimisation and training to develop skills in-house.

We help public sector partners upgrade operations, technology, and skills, increasing effectiveness and helping support long-term delivery.

We develop tools in foresight and geopolitical risk analysis for businesses and investors, allowing clients to work in alignment with the public sector to achieve strategic goals.

Foresight and analysis

Our team deploys cutting-edge impact analysis and forecasting tools, which partners can integrate into their strategic planning, helping inform decision-making that is sensitive and responsive to changing geopolitical, policy, and economic environments.

We help our partners in government and the public sector understand the impact of global events on public policy and administration, using cutting research and technological tools.

We help our clients understand the impact of global events on their businesses, markets, and supply chains.

Implementation and delivery

We deploy intersectional thinking to connect strategy and outcomes, using advanced logistical and professional services technology to deliver sustainable and measurable results.

A key challenge for governments worldwide is the effective delivery of policy. We use our expertise in public sector management, logistics, and technology to help governments allocate and manage resources, and monitor the impact of policy across time.

The successful delivery of public policy involves harnessing the latest technological tools, while conducting robust financial and administrative planning and effective stakeholder coordination. We help partners resolve such bottlenecks and unlock huge potential for their communities.

Digital and technology

We help governments harness technology more effectively, by combining public management and technological expertise to deliver impactful end to end strategic and operational packages.

Our teams possess capabilities in artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and software engineering, which they deploy to assist strategic decision-making, drive analytical capacity, and transform internal operations.

Our software engineers deploy tools to upgrade digital capabilities and develop bespoke technological solutions for governments and the private sector, tailored to their specific needs.

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