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Our Community

89 Global manages a unique community of public policy experts and professionals, who we term policy impactors. This community involves several categories that are used to deliver expertise, specific to the needs of clients.

89 Global is comprised of more than 50 leading public policy experts in their respective fields, including in-house personnel and associates.

89 Global manages the 89 Connect platform, home to over 6,000 independent public policy professionals of varying backgrounds and disciplines.

We define our in-house personnel, associates, and wider 89 Connect membership as policy impactors: a bespoke global community that thinks boldly about the future of public policy, mobilizing its expertise to address major challenges at every level of society.

We are constantly growing our community of policy impactors, with the aim of concentrating the world’s expertise in public policy in one place, making this more easily available to clients.

Experts selection

  • Clients present 89 Global with a detailed brief.
  • 89 Global selects experts in consultation with clients.
  • Selection will occur within the pool of 50 in-house personnel and associates.
  • Should requirements of the brief not be met within this pool, experts are drawn from the community of  89 Connect registered users.